Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Computer Repair Services

26 June 2020
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Unlike in the past when retail businesses had no option but to run operations manually, today's ever-changing retail landscape calls for efficiency. Computers have primarily facilitated such efficiency. However, computers can develop software and hardware problems when you least expect, and thus, affect business operations and productivity. Therefore, it is critical to engage computer repair services on short notice. This article highlights tips for selecting a computer repairs service provider. Read More …

Take Your Sick Computer to the Doctor: Know Why Your Computer Is Making a Loud Clicking Sound

14 January 2020
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The clicking sound from your computer may not be distracting, but it may cause serious problems later if ignored. Don't assume that every popping or cracking sound from the computer's speakers is normal. Though these sounds may not distress you, they could indicate a problem that requires professional attention. Of course, the computer's moving parts—CD drives, disc drives, and fans—may make some sounds while spinning. However, clicking noises indicate that some of these moving parts are failing or blocked. Read More …

Guide to buying fibre optic cables

13 January 2020
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Fibre optic cables have become popular due to their lightweight and durable nature. They are the foundation of any network system, and if they fail, your system fails. A few tips to keep in mind when purchasing fibre optics include: Preparation Before you buy optic cables, you should conduct research on the types of optical cables. There are many types of fibre cables differentiated by transmission modes and size. It is essential you know your network's specifications, for instance, the speed and required transmission. Read More …