Common Signs of Hard Drive Failure and Repair Solutions

Common Signs of Hard Drive Failure and Repair Solutions

26 July 2021
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An internal hard drive is one of the most critical parts of a personal computer. It is a computer's primary storage and stores all kinds of information. Notably, an internal hard drive is connected to a motherboard and a power socket via special cabling. When your computer's hard drive fails suddenly, you risk losing all the information stored. Therefore, knowing when your hard drive is failing is critical because it gives you time to backup your data and seek technical assistance. This article highlights common signs of a failing hard drive and how to fix it.

Repetitive Clicking Sound 

A hard drive in good condition should operate quietly. Therefore, if you start hearing clicking sounds coming from a hard disk, it is a sign that something is wrong. Often referred to as the click of death in the tech industry, failure to repair the problem in good time often leads to a catastrophic crash and complete data loss. The clicking sound can be caused by physical damage to a hard drive from drops or exposure to extreme temperatures. A misaligned read/write head could also cause the clicking sound. If a disc platter is damaged, the actuator arm attempts to locate it, and the back and forth swinging action results in a clicking sound. The good news is that most of the issues are reparable. For instance, the technician can easily restore a misaligned read/write head to stop the clicking sound.

Access Denied Prompt 

Accessing a hard drive or a partition is only two clicks away. However, there are times you might try to access a hard disk and get the 'access denied' prompt. This is a sign that your hard drive is failing because it indicates that the computer system cannot locate the hard disk or partition you want to access. In most cases, the problem is caused by a loose connection between a motherboard and a hard disk or corrupt storage. Whichever is the case, you must engage the services of a computer repair technician to conduct repairs.

Error Loading Operating System (OS) 

Imagine sitting down to finish a project with a fast-approaching deadline only for your computer to load a recovery procedure. It can be very frustrating and leave you helpless, especially if you do not use an external hard drive to back up your projects. In addition, if a computer cannot load or locate operating system files during the boot process, the chances are high that you have a hard drive problem. For instance, a hard drive with a damaged partition caused by disk write errors causes loading issues with the OS. On the other hand, it could also be that the system cannot locate operating system files on a hard disk. Either way, immediate repairs are critical to prevent data loss.