Take Your Sick Computer to the Doctor: Know Why Your Computer Is Making a Loud Clicking Sound

Take Your Sick Computer to the Doctor: Know Why Your Computer Is Making a Loud Clicking Sound

14 January 2020
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The clicking sound from your computer may not be distracting, but it may cause serious problems later if ignored. Don't assume that every popping or cracking sound from the computer's speakers is normal. Though these sounds may not distress you, they could indicate a problem that requires professional attention. Of course, the computer's moving parts—CD drives, disc drives, and fans—may make some sounds while spinning. However, clicking noises indicate that some of these moving parts are failing or blocked. Find out why your computer is making a loud clicking noise.

The Cooling Fan Is Blocked

Most computers have small fans that take hot air from the case and take in air to cool the inner components. The computer produces a noise when the internal wiring snags or drags on the PC's fans. Moving computers from one room or building to another often causes this problem since the internal components get jostled. Your computer will also make a clicking noise if its fans are dirty or dying. If the clicking noise persists after cleaning the fans, then take it to a computer technician for repair.

The DVD or CD Drive Has Failed

Your computer will make some strange noises when the storage medium of its optical drive is faulty. The optical drives will sometimes make some tapping or whirring sounds when the disc is spinning or when writing or reading data. However, the computer will make a loud clicking sound when reading data from a faulty disc, or if its laser track or electric motor is damaged. Back up the data if the hard drive of your computer is failing to ensure you don't lose it. A computer technician will listen to the clicking sound to know the internal drives to replace to fix the problem.

Power Problems

If your computer makes a loud clicking sound when shutting down, you have a wiring or power supply problem to fix. When power issues occur, the computer's components stop at once, causing a loud clicking sound. Check the cables to find out if the computer components are securely connected to the power supply. Most computers make a loud clicking noise if the power rails aren't properly connected to the graphics, disc drive, hard drives, CPU, or motherboard.

A loud clicking sound from your computer means some of its components are about to fail or have failed. Don't try to fix the problem yourself, but take the computer to a business like AMS Computer Services to get the problem addressed.