Guide to buying fibre optic cables

Guide to buying fibre optic cables

13 January 2020
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Fibre optic cables have become popular due to their lightweight and durable nature. They are the foundation of any network system, and if they fail, your system fails. A few tips to keep in mind when purchasing fibre optics include:


Before you buy optic cables, you should conduct research on the types of optical cables. There are many types of fibre cables differentiated by transmission modes and size. It is essential you know your network's specifications, for instance, the speed and required transmission. There are two main types of optic cables: single-mode fibre and multimode fibre. Single-mode fibre optic cables are suitable for long-distance communication due to their single-strand size, while multimode fibre optic cables are suitable for short-distance transmissions, such as in an office building.

Budget and quality

Budget is a crucial consideration when purchasing optic cables as various suppliers quote different prices. You can begin a preliminary online search and make a price comparison for different types of fibre optics. Price comparison is suitable for different metres.

Note that expensive prices are not an indicator of quality. It is hard to gauge the quality of optic cables based on their price. This is why due diligence on the reputation and reviews of the supplier is necessary.


You also have to research the supplier's reputation to ensure that they provide quality products. Online reviews will give you an idea of the supplier's reputation and customer service. Research is essential as it assures you that you'll get the best quality for the price. It may take time, but you will save money on buying cables. Fibre optics are expensive, so take the time to research the best prices and suppliers. Also, you can request a sample before placing an order if you have the time.

Warranty and support

If you choose to order online, you should get a guarantee from the store that ensures you do not lose your investment. Warranty periods vary depending on the supplier. Stores may offer guarantee for weeks or months, allowing you to get a refund should anything happen. If you find a supplier that provides a lifetime warranty, it is advisable to select that supplier in comparison to one that offers a limited warranty. More extended warranties are a good indicator of quality products.

Lastly, you should consider technical support and after-sale service offered by the supplier. Enquire about how they handle technical issues and whether they outsource their supply and repair. Speak with a fibre optic professional to learn more.